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Yeeee Haw!!!


LA's first and only REAL Texas BBQ Food Truck!

Bringing the taste of Texas to the streets.


Burnt To A Crisp was born from the minds of two Texan best friends, really brothers, since the sixth grade! Phil Leggett and Chris Menard. Both of us came to LA in search of dreams. Phil was acting in Texas and came to LA in hopes of taking his dream of acting to the next level. Chris went from the office world of commercial real estate to the exciting world of playing professional poker.


Neither of us claim to be amazing chefs, just a couple of dudes from Texas that know and love good BBQ! One day while sitting on the couch longing for the taste of our home state BBQ, and tired of our side jobs, we thought about selling BBQ sandwiches from a push cart. Instead of letting the idea pass us by, we decided to stay persistent and after a year of planning the idea was brought to fruition and grew into a gourmet food truck!


We were able to partner up with a family friend back home in Texas and receive fresh shipments of high quality meats from Texas several times a week. Our Goal is simple, to bring the Real taste of Texas to the streets of Los Angeles. Along with great Texas BBQ we strive to give our customers the best customer service in the city! Two years later Burnt To A Crisp is roaming all across the LA area, and we hope to grow into more trucks in southern California and beyond! Thanks so much for coming by Y’all!!!!!! 

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